Argentina – The Road Less Travelled

Argentina – The Road Less Travelled

Argentina – The Road Less Travelled

One of the first things that everyone remembers when the country of Argentina is mentioned is their world famous soccer stars, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. However, the South American country has a lot more to offer than that.

The country’s buildings reflect beautiful Spanish architecture; it has a very high literacy rate, abundant natural resources, and its population has a multicultural and cosmopolitan outlook. What better way to promote this country as a place that is worth visiting than a SEO article about Argentina. can boost your destination too.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - December 15, 2009: Street performers demonstrate the tango in the historical district of La Bocca in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Facts about Argentina:

  • The country is the eighth largest in the world and the largest in terms of the language spoken – Spanish. The country is located in the southern part of South America and shares its borders with Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay.
  • The country’s biodiversity is vast and owes a lot to the diverse climatic conditions and ecosystem of the country. Argentina boasts 15 continental zones, oceanic zones and an Antarctic zone as well. The country includes diverse flora and fauna.
  • The vast ecosystem automatically translates into a wide variety of climatic conditions, ranging from sub-tropical to sub-polar, though the country experiences temperate climate in areas that are thickly populated.
  • The country has an estimated population of 43,886,748 as of July 2016. The population is an eclectic mix of Spanish and Italians who comprise 97% of the population, while the other 3% of the population is composed of non-white groups, Amerindians and of people who belong to a mix of white and Amerindian.
  • The religion followed is predominantly Christianity, with 92% of them being Roman Catholics, 2% Protestant and another 2% Jewish.

Argentina is a republic and follows the democratic form of government and the country is divided into twenty-three provinces and an independent city, Buenos Aires, which is the capital city of the country. Though considered as one of the richest countries, it has gone through severe financial and economic crises in the recent past. Subsequent governments have stabilized the country’s economic situation and now visitors can fully enjoy this land of the tango.