The Street Art of Argentina

The Street Art of Argentina

The Street Art of Argentina

The beautiful country of Argentina is best known for its iconic tango dance. Still, it has also produced many famous artists. The Argentinians have developed a unique form of art that can be seen in every town and city, known as fileteado. It originated in the factories where carriages were being manufactured and was popularized by the Italian immigrants who worked there. Today it can be seen on signs, buses, and taxis, particularly in Buenos Aires.

Decorate Your Home in the Argentinian Style

Fileteado is characterized by flowing lines of plants, flowers, and ribbons and would suit any room in your house. Although you may not be able to find this exact style of wall art at Desenio, there is enough choice on their website to discover something similar. Simple lines are the key to establishing this particular look. Within the Desenio site, there is a section of gallery walls for inspiration, and here you find the category of Line Art.

Selecting Line Art Posters

Having line art posters on a neutral background makes an elegant and stylish addition to your home and something that any Argentinian would be proud of. The simplicity of the artwork is terrific, and it will be easy to put together a stunning display. This will be made easier by taking a look at Desenio’s gallery pictures, as you can actually click just one button to buy an entire matching collection.

Match the Frames

To recreate the Argentinian style, your posters should be displayed in a simple manner, not in ornate frames. Desenio has a fantastic range of hangers and frames in various colors and materials. Some of the most suitable choices would be the metal frames in black, silver, gold, and copper. They also stock a selection of useful accessories such as picture ledges, so you can stand your posters upright rather than hanging them.

Take the Argentinian Look with You

You will no doubt become enamored with this gorgeous style of Argentinian street art. If so, you can actually purchase iPhone cases through the Desenio website. They have numerous types, and the one, in particular, that would be most suitable is called Abstract Faces. It uses the same clean lines as in the posters. You can be reminded of Argentina every time you use your phone.

With the aid of the Desenio website, you can decorate your home with Argentinian-style art and create a lovely gallery that is sure to be a talking point among friends and family.