The Best of Argentina

The Best of Argentina

The Best of Argentina

Argentina is an independent country located in the Southern part of the Southern American Content. It neighbours Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, the Passage of Drake and Chile. It is among the eight largest countries globally and the fourth largest in America. Argentina is the largest country with most Spanish speaking inhabitants in the region. The country has 23 provinces twenty-three provinces, Buenos Aires is the only independent province and acts as the country’s capital city of the country. Below is a list of what makes Argentina famous.


Explore the world-class offerings of the different and amazing metropolis in Buenos Aires. Cordoba is a historic city to the Jesuit ruins and the modern art and ’Cuarteto’ music.

Salta is known for its sensational culture, museums and authentic folk music.

Mountaineering and Hiking

Bariloche has excellent hut-hut hiking and some huts infuse their beer. Visit El-Bolson for hikes to the forests, enjoy the waterfalls and scenic ridges. For mountain climbing, visit Mendoza. The highest peak is Cerro Aconcagua.


Many beaches in the country are visited by celebrities and models who come to relax and enjoy the summer season. Puerto Madryn is known for whale watching, diving, and windsurfing. Other beaches are located in Necochea, Pinamar, and Mar del Plata.

Food/ Wine Tasting

The Atlantic coast has fresh fish, shrimp, oysters and king crabs, and local chocolates, Bariloche is the best. Patagonia has the best barbecue lamb. The best wine is in Mendoza, San Juan, Cafayate and Neuquen. Scenic vineyards are in Mendoza which offers a five-course wine pairing lunch.

Adventure Sports

Those who love skiing, snowboarding, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, and paragliding will enjoy these adventure sports in Mendoza, Esquel, Bariloche, Cerro Catedral, and La Cumbre respectively.

These are some of the things Argentina is best known for. Make sure to enjoy these and much more when visiting the country.